Episode 2 // Angélique de Wolfe

A team of renowned journalists, paranormal investigators, psychics, seers and psychologists discuss the latest paranormal news and delve into supernatural subjects that have transfixed humankind for centuries. Topics include UFOs, UAPs, aliens, human hybrids, ghosts, poltergeists, hauntings, spirit mediumship, paranormal activity and more.

Angélique was born and raised in London, England, and lived around the world before settling in New York. A linguist in several tongues, she has committed herself into the spiritual / metaphysical world to extend the messages of hope, love and light throughout the globe. Her objective is to be a bridge for different cultures, nationalities, wisdom, and teachings, so that this incredible knowledge and light can be shared to assist in raising the collective consciousness of the world. Angelique went through a near death experience, which solidified more of her calling which really began since childhood. Angélique has chosen to assist others through her direct connection to spirit to compassionately bring to light the solutions, healing, options and focus, thus enabling your peace of mind and support on your journey of growth and change. Angélique is an Ordained Minister, an energetic vibrational healer where she transmits energy through her hands to the recipient in person or over distance.  She has studied various Indigenous healing methods, including intuitive healing, cleansing the auras, balancing chakras and multi dimensional planetary grid work. Angelique has studied under several Master Healers from both Eastern and Western parts of the world as well as Indigenous Traditions.

Much of Angelique’s work is travelling nationally and internationally working on houses, offices, land, yachts, construction sites space cleansings, as her ability to see ghosts and other paranormal activity and assist in crossing them over when appropriate and/or blessings to infuse the space with Positive Chi/energy creating a space more conducive to better financial flow, love and general better health and well being.

Angelique underwent energetic training from her guides, with a full rememberance and a series of initiations imparted from ancient times, bringing her to a deeper understanding of what is happening collectively here on earth at this time, thus enabling her to be more of Service to her earth family in this profound historical time on the earth.

Paranormal Pursuit Podcast is a dimensionally modern place to explore all of your paranormal curiosities. Topics include UFO’s, alien abductions, ghosts, spirituality, meditation, healing, star-seeds, paranormal investigations, psychic abilities and much more. Awareness, an open mind and educating yourself is the key to understanding the spiritual world of unanswered questions better.

Episode 3 // Kimberly Meredith

Do you ever wonder what your pet is thinking or why you're drawn to certain animals? In this episode we discuss our connections to animals, what happens to our beloved pets after they die, and how to understand your pet better. 

Ghosts, spirits and the Others. We discuss the types of ghosts, why some are stuck, how to help them and how to protect yourself from the not so nice ones. We also touch on what happens after you die and how to contact a lost loved one. 


Mary Rodwell is recognised internationally as one of Australia’s leading researchers and writers in the UFO and contact phenomenon areas. Mary is the author of the highly acclaimed book ‘Awakening: How Extraterrestrial Contact Can Transform Your Life’ (2002); and producer of EBE award winning documentaries:- Expressions of ET Contact: A Visual Blueprint? (2000), and Expressions of ET Contact: A Communication and Healing Blueprint? (2004) and The New Human’ (2016) Mary has researched more than 3000 cases and suggests extraterrestrial encounters are a global phenomenon. Her research also explores evidence from a scientific, biological, psychological, anthropological, spiritual and historical perspective to support what she believes is a ‘genetic’ engineering program, for ‘upgrading’ homo sapiens, leading to a paradigm shift in human consciousness.

Episode 1 // Mary Rodwell

In this episode we discuss what being a psychic, medium or channeler entails and what actually happens on multidimensional levels. We all have the gift of tuning in , we discuss how to develop psychic abilities and what signs to look for.

Kimberly Is a Medical Intuitive, Trance Channeler, Surgical Hands on Healer, Spiritual Teacher with gifts of the Holy Spirit. With a growing world wide reputation, Kimberly is a vessel for the healing energy of God, and many ascended masters, Mother Mary and angels. Through surgical hands-on healing and or laying on of hands, Kimberly has healed and helped thousands of people. She has removed tumors, restored hearing, cured cancer, corrected immobility and completely rid the body of diseases during healing events and private sessions through The Holy Spirit.